MATV Installation in Brisbane

We’re specialists in MATV installation

Here at SEQ Antennas we are specialists in designing, installing and commissioning MATV systems. We are trained and experienced in projects large and small across the larger Brisbane area in MATV installation.

An MATV system, also known as a master antenna television, utilises a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify TV and FM signals and distribute them from one central location to many.

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In order to accomplish this, without a loss of signal quality, these systems must be carefully planned and engineered through the effective use of MATV equipment and techniques.

We provide an efficient and affordable master antenna solution for your next construction project.

These systems are put into projects like:

Our technicians take into full consideration the specifics of each project. We provide the best service within budget and design each system so that each outlet, in every unit, has optimal reception.

Our master antenna systems can include:

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SEQ Antenna can provide TV Wall mounting, audio and visual solutions for your next development.