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Are you experiencing TV Reception Problems?

TV picture break up (pixelation), audio interruptions or missing channels can all be a sign of poor TV reception. SEQ Antennas can assist with rectifying your TV reception problems.

Using professional TV signal analysing equipment, we can measure the TV signal strength and quality coming into your antenna and at other locations in your antenna system to identify the cause of your TV reception problems.
Solutions can include antenna repair or antenna replacement with a new digital antenna or the replacement of other components in the antenna system such as splitters, connectors, cabling and wall plates.
We use only high-quality digital TV antennas and have over 20 years of experience in repairing TV reception problems in Brisbane.

We can assist with:
– Digital antenna upgrade
– TV antenna installation for new homes
– New antenna points
– TV reception problems
– Low signal area solutions
– Commercial antenna systems (MATV)

For quality TV antenna installation and repairs call SEQ Antennas today on 33901644.